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Miracle Children's Hospitals has the best Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Hyderabad.

Miracle has 20 bedded NICU and provides a level 3 Neonatal intensive care unit to meet the requirements of sick babies, as well as highly specialized treatment from neonatologists.

Neonatal Intensive Care

NICU is for all those new borns who require close monitoring, especially who are born with low, very low birth weight babies and those who are born before (term) 9months. These babies are not yet ready to survive on their own in the outside environment. When a baby is born prematurely, his or her body may not be ready. Their heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys and skin may require assistance and support in order to survive. So NICUs are dedicated to all sick newborns to keep them safe.


Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is one of the modern and well-equipped in the country in advent of state of the art ventilators, incubators, baby monitoring systems and other support equipment. To offer complete care for your infant, our skilled team of neonatologists, pediatric registrars, and NICU certified nurses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We in NICU are working tediously to provide such an environment that is as similar as mother womb.


We have a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that can save the tiniest and sickest newborn babies. NICUs are the most thorough and can care for infants who have complicated medical issues. We have neonatal friendly ambulance transport system from faraway places to our unit.

In our arrangement, the following facilities are available:

    • Preterm Management
    • Level III NICU care
    • Non-Invasive Ventilation – CPAP, HHHFNC
    • Neonatal Ventilation / HFOV
    • Neonatal Jaundice
    • Birth Asphyxia / Meconium Aspiration Syndrome
    • Neonatal Sepsis / Neonatal COVID
    • Neonatal Seizures
    • Exchange Transfusion
    • Well Baby Clinic
    • ROP / OAE
    • Early Intervention Program

What exactly happens in the neonatal intensive care unit?

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) provides expert medical care with appropriate equipment to premature and sick newborn babies. Babies will get evaluated for their diseases and receive appropriate treatment. Intermittently parents are allowed to see their newborns and especially mother provides kangaroo mother care to the baby so they will develop a special bond from day one.

What exactly happens in the neonatal intensive care unit?

Kangaroo mother care is care of preterm infants carried skin-to-skin with the mother. It is a powerful, easy-to-use method to promote the health and well-being of infants born preterm as well as full-term.

What is Kangaroo Mother Care?

Kangaroo mother care is care of preterm infants carried skin-to-skin with the mother. It is a powerful, easy-to-use method to promote the health and well-being of infants born preterm as well as full-term.

Its key features are:

– Early, continuous and prolonged skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the baby exclusive breastfeeding (ideally)

– It is initiated in hospital and can be continued at home

– Small babies can be discharged early

– Mothers at home require adequate support and follow-up

– It is a gentle, effective method that avoids the agitation routinely experienced in a busy ward with preterm infants.

It was first presented by Rey and Martinez,9 in Bogotá, Colombia, where it was developed as an alternative to inadequate and insufficient incubator care for those preterm newborn infants who had overcome initial problems and required only to feed and grow. (Ref- WHO/KMC)

What is the distinction between the NICU and the ICU?

ICUs become Intensive Care Units. These care units are intended for critically ill adults. Similarly, NICU stands for neonatal intensive care unit. These are units that have been specially and meticulously designed to meet the needs of newborn babies

What are the different kinds of neonatal intensive care units?

The four categories are as follows:

Level One: The newborn nursery.

Level Two: Special care nursery.

Level Three: Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

Level IV: Regional neonatal intensive-care unit (regional NICU)

What is the significance of neonatal care?

Their organs may be immature or newborns have severe infection and may also have other underlying organ dysfunction. So NICUs provide such a support to them so their  journey is smooth and recover faster and discharge from the hospital.

What exactly are neonatal problems?

Prematurity, Low Birth Weight, Infections, heart related diseases, feeding intolerances . These are all serious conditions but can be managed efficiently by experience NICU team

What is the distinction between a neonate and an infant?

In Medical terms, a newborn is called a neonate (from Latin, neonates, newborn) for first 28days. Infant is a baby after 28 days till 1 year, the term includes premature, full-term, and post mature infants.