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Obstetrics is all about preconceptional care, antenatal and postnatal care.

As we are living in a race-like lifestyle, many of us do not have proper knowledge on pre pregnancy care, due to which they end up facing problems further. So, we offer thorough preconception care ( pre pregnancy counselling) to avoid such problems and have safe conception with a healthy mother and baby.


Post pregnancy confirmation, it is very important to have regular checkups. So that, we can detect pre existing complications and complications related to pregnancy. We do perform the necessary tests and act accordingly to make the 9 months journey easy.


We understand and value your precious moments. So we always strive to make those special moments even bigger with our Normal delivery and cesarean services. Our expert team will support and guide diet along with pregnancy exercises which are very useful for smooth normal delivery. Having the delivery is not an easy task for most of the mothers, so we offer painless delivery service with Epidural injection.


We have the best operation theatre complex for those who require a Cesarean section. We offer the best Birthing suite rooms, deluxe rooms, private rooms and sharing rooms according to their choice.


We have well equipped MICU and NICU with a dedicated team of gynaecologist, Neonatologist, critical care specialist with qualified and well trained nursing staff to give best treatment in high risk pregnancies.


At our Miracle hospital for women and children, we have successfully performed and discharged many high risk pregnancy cases such as


  • Ectopic pregnancy – (Pregnancy in tube)
  • Placenta previa (Low lying placenta), Adherent Placenta
  • Preeclampsia (High BP)
  • Gestational diabetes (High sugar)
  • Cardiac disease in pregnancy

Preterm Delivery (Delivery before 9 months)

  • IUGR babies (Low birth weight)
  • Medical conditions – Jaundice, Seizures, cholestasis, etc.


After delivery,

  • We initiate early breastfeeding which is very important for a newborn by our lactational support team
  • We guide you through exercises to strengthen muscles



FAQ’s –

1. What is painless normal delivery?

Answer – It is a method where epidural continuous injection of low dose drugs are used. It reduces the pain during the process of delivery and increases the success rate of natural delivery rate. It also gives better delivery satisfaction.


2. What is VBAC?

Answer – Women who already had a cesarean section in a previous pregnancy, can undergo Vaginal delivery of a baby. This method is called VBAC. VBAC is safe and appropriate for some women. We encourage and support VBAC when it is medically safe to consider.


3. What is high risk pregnancy?

Answer – It’s the one that threatens the health or life of the mother or her

Fetus. Here we offer all high risk pregnancy care including high blood pressure, diabetes, placenta previa, twin pregnancies etc.