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Dr. Boreddy Vivek

MBBS, DNB Pediatric Surgery

Consultant Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Vivek has undergone intense DNB pediatric surgery from tertiary referral and India’s premiere pediatric surgical care center – Narayana Health City, Bangalore and has 7 years of experience in neonatal and pediatric surgeries. He has done senior residency in high volume pediatric surgical center in BJ Wadia Hospital for children in Mumbai. He has been part of some of the major pediatric surgical cases like pediatric liver transplant, conjoint twin separation and tracheal reconstruction surgeries during his training program. He is a member of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeon. Dr Vivek has got special interest in treating patients with Pediatric hepato-biliary and Airway diseases.


Following pediatric surgical services are provided here.


  • Pediatric Day Care Surgeries
  • Neonatal Surgeries
  • Minimal Invasive Surgeries
  • Urological Surgeries and Reconstructions
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Bronchoscopic Procedures / Foreign Body Removal
  • Hepato-Biliary Surgeries
  • Airway Reconstructions
  • Pediatric ENT
  • Pediatric Neurosurgeries
  • Pediatric Burns







Dr. Boreddy Vivek has won multiple gold medals in various national conferences. He was involved in procuring data and thorough knowledge in working towards publishing paper during his residency program and have involved in publishing papers as a team.


He also got his paper published and got several papers in progress to publish in prestigious journals.


  1. Cladophialophora bantiana brain abscess after pediatric liver transplant: a report of a long term survivor – Indian Journal of Transplantation.